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Product Testing and Approval

Rockford-Xellerix can manage design proving to give customers confidence that the design is fit for purpose.

We have access to:

  • Environmental Chambers (Up to 1m2)
  • Pressure Tester (Water) (0.75m2 up to 2000psi)
  • Flex and Bend Testing Rigs
  • Submersion Tanks
  • Tensile Test Rigs
  • Electronic test utilising MK test Systems, Cirrus Systems and Ditmco
  • Full Electronic load and burn in
  • RF Testing using Network Analysers up to 6Ghz

Using Industry partners Rockford-Xellerix can manage the Product Approval process through UKAS accredited Test Houses.  Rockford Xelerix can produce the test specifications, test fixtures, monitoring equipment and reports in house to supply a fully designed and tested solution.

Environmental chamber & testing rig