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Vinten Cameras

Rockford Components our sister company in the UK has a repair and maintenance bay dedicated to airborne reconnaissance wet film camera equipment as manufactured by W. Vinten to provide support to worldwide users of this equipment.

The capability includes, the supply of spare component parts from new ex MOD surplus stocks held and extends to the manufacture of non stocked parts from Vinten engineering drawings and specifications  held in a library of technical information. Supplies of consumable and routine maintenance parts are also available.

The workshop is fully equipped with all specialist test equipment required to ensure correct setting up and functional testing of all types of airborne and ship borne cameras still in general use and is manned by ex Vinten qualified engineers with many years of experience working with Vinten camera equipment.

Services extend to in country on-site support that is offered to assist end users in the training of local technicians for installation testing and setting up procedures to ensure that optimum performance is obtained from the various camera systems in use resulting in the best possible results being obtained.

A number of ex MOD Vicon18-601 pods formerly used on RAF Jaguar aircraft are available for retro upgrade fitting to a wide range of aircraft  including , Hawk ,Harrier, Tornado , Typhoon in addition to the Jaguar, to improve and extend the reliability of pod systems currently in use.

Support extends to the supply of Light Tables including maintenance and repair, to ensure that analysis of reconnaissance film information obtained is processed in such a way as to extract the best possible level of intelligence information.


Pod Details

Vicon18 Series 601 GP(1)  - Aerial Reconnaissance Pod with Long Range Oblique Photographic Capability

Overall Length = 2.3 Metres

Diameter  =  460mm

Weight  = 256 Kg

Mounting Points = 14inch (Standard NATO)

Power Requirements = 200 Volts 3 Phase 400 Hz at 3 Amps per Phase 28 Volts DC at 50Amps

Vicon18 Series 601 GP(1) Pod has been fitted and flown on Jaguar, Harrier, Tornado, Cheetah and Hawk.


690 Camera

The 690 camera is equipped with a High Performance 450mm Lens, this is fitted into a Rotating Nose Assembly. This Nose assembly can be set and changed in Flight to enable the Camera to view the following Angles:

Port 8, 24, 32, 40  and 60 degrees


Starboard 8, 24, 32, 40 and 60 degrees

Field of View at any setting is 14 degrees

Focus is Continuously Variable and is set Automatically with Height and Nose Angle (i.e. Slant Range is computed)

Exposure is Automatically Set by Through the Lens Sensing (Corrected for Film Speed)

Data Annotation can be displayed along edge of Film.


900 Panoramic Camera

The 900 Panoramic Camera is fitted with a 76.2mm Lens and has a Field of View of 180 degrees.

Exposure is set Automatically by a Sensor in the Field of View.

Focus is fixed 500Ft to Infinity.

Data Annotation can be displayed along the edge of the Film.


Overview of Pod Vicon2000 Control System

Cockpit Control Unit (CCU)

Sends System Control commands and Height/Velocity information to System Management Unit. Also displays System Status and Camera Frame Count.


Navigation Interface Unit (NIU)

Sends Aircraft Height/Velocity information to System Management Unit for Use in Automatic Mode and additional Aircraft information for Film Data Annotation.


System Management Unit (SMU)

Receives System Commands and information from CCU and Information/Data from NIU and Distributes this to appropriate Camera SIU’s. Also receives information from Camera  SIU’s and sends this to CCU for Display (Camera Frame Counts and Auto/Manual Indication).


690 Camera Interface Unit (SIU)

Receives 690 Camera System Controls and information from SMU, processes this information to produce Camera Run, Framing Rate, Image Motion Compensation and Focus signals to control Camera and Nose position, sends annotation data to Camera.

Monitors Camera Status and Frame Count which is sent to SMU.


900 Pan Camera Interface Unit (SIU)

Receives 900 Pan Camera System Controls and information from SMU, processes this information to produce Camera Run and Framing Rate Signals to control camera and sends annotation Data to Camera.

Monitors Camera Status and Frame Count which is sent to SMU.